Final Update


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Seed to Seed has finally come to an end after 2 year, 2 separated trips to India a lot of support from Arts Council England and other  people and organisations I worked with including Navdanya in India, Flow Associates, Fabrica Gallery, ONCA Gallery and The Millennium Seed Bank in the UK and also Becky Edmunds, Wendy Pye and Tim Brown  who were always there to help with questions, doubts and teething problems along the way.

I was able to produce a really satisfying exhibition where all the work finally came together. The AMI piece was projected onto a purpose build screen two meters wide at the center of ONCA Gallery, whilst I opted to produce a lightbox which contained all of the prints I initially thought I would print and frame separately. I enjoyed working with seeds, seedlings and plants grown from the materials I brought back from India.  I strongly feel this brought all the ideas of belonging and Indian communities together and worked as a strong metaphor which explained the idea of different communities developing differently in different environments.

A part from the artifacts and objects, I was ecstatic to have had the possibility to work with people and to have been able to create work with them. I worked with families and individuals in the UK and in India to talk and discuss their ideas of belonging to a place, to a community or to a family and how this informs their identity in different ways.

I hope to continue working in this direction and to produce more similar work. In the meantime I am submitting the AMI piece to as many Film Festivals as possible to get the piece the most visability possible.

Thank you all for participating.

Below is some feedback from people who saw the exhibition.

”Enjoyed the exhibition the conversation with the artist. Seeds are an apt metaphor for identity and beautifully realised in this installation.

“Very interesting, inspiring and moving – made me think about my roots – and Seedy Sunday”

“What an exquisite representation! I’ve a family link to India and to farming; as well as a keen interest in gardening. Video link please!”

“Good to know we are all seeing our “belonging” in land, Earth. Great Chat”

“Really interesting and thought provoking. I will now go to sit beneath a tree to consider my own feelings of belonging. Integrating nature’s journey to flourish outdoor with our cultural life.”

“Be good to hear about more exhibitions”; “very interesting and inspiring!” and “Very inspirational work”

“I really liked your film- beautifully filmed and put together very thoughtfully.

I’m so glad I dropped in when I did. It was a privilege to be able to sing to the seeds.

The seeds you gave me are doing well (lentil and papaya) and they remind me of your work. I hope I can do something in my small way to keep seeds and local plants in my garden using permaculture and organic methods.” Jenny

“Thanks very much, Lorenza. I really love your sessions and will always come along if I can. I well remember the very first one I attended, when we exchanged conversation with your parents and friends in Italy – very groundbreaking, and thoroughly enjoyable, whilst including a serious interest in older people!” Valerie





Exhibition Installation

The installation of the show is now complete. Here are some pictures of the exhibition in it’s entirety.

Namely it includes a video projected onto a purposely build screen, a photographic light box installation representing x-rayed seeds and finally the same seeds which have been x-rayed have been sprouted and displayed in a living and growing installation on plinth around the gallery.

The Editing Process

I have been editing since the beginning of May now; and it’s starting to feel like a psychoanalytical process. I am constantly – day and night – thinking about the meaning of what these sequences of images, words and sounds are conveying; trying to keep it true to what the participants of the workshop have said and trying to understand what I want to say with the piece.

What I am trying to say with this piece?

I have asked myself this question too many times and I can no longer see clearly. I have gone into the molecular fabric of this footage and can no long distinguish it from other questions I carry with me. What is this piece about? What is belonging about?

Why have I traveled so far? Why India? Why seeds? What is the connection?

Please enjoy some film still.

Into The Seed

It was a full days work at the Millennium Seed Bank last week, we arrived at 9:00am and left at 6:00pm. We took footage of drying seeds, seeds with husks and chaff, unhusked seeds, x-rayed seeds, germinating seeds, seedlings, more seedlings, the vault, seeds being put in a room at minus -20 •c and  a plant grown from a  two hundred year old seed.

Wolfgang accompanied us through the day leaving us to get on with it, but magically appearing when we needed him. I would also like to thank all the people who gave us a hand during the day, including some very patient volunteers who were constantly interrupted by us wanting more footage.

Thanks to my “detailed” storyboard (please refer to previous post) and my planning notes, we quickly identified what we were interested in and set up. Fran was great with the camera, together we manged to capture some great footage.

Following my visit to the Millennium Seed Bank, I have been ordering and classifying all the material for editing, which is most of the job. I’ve already done some of the editing, but this new material will really help make the final piece.

Now comes the moment where I shut everything out for at least one/two days a week and work on the connection between seed keepers in India and Indian communities in Brighton. I am going to work on answering questions such as how does belonging change when you can’t refer back to the land as a place of origin?

What does belonging mean for displaced communities? Amongst other questions.

Thank you for following.


One Handmade Storyboard

I have been working on my shoot plan, a very dry piece of scribblings, for a couple of days now; to try to make the process more enjoyable I have sketched my way through it. With undoubtedly very bad drawings, I have tried to image what type of images/footage I hope to get during my day at the Millennium Seed Bank next week.

I am planning to have 12 different situations that coincide, partly, with the different stages the seeds go through before they are frozen in the vault, but also footage in the labs where scientist and volunteers work with seed to understand better how they work and if they are ripe and health specimens. In the germination lab, in particular, batches of seeds are tested to see how long they take to germinate and under what conditions.  Wolfgang told me this last time I was there.

Back to the drawing board for some more planning.

I am extremely exited about this opportunity, working with their x-ray machine to see what seeds look like from inside.

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